Copy these files from ScanWise

       SnapScan 1212P_2.bin

       SnapScan 1212P.ini

       SnapScan 1212P_2.ini


Copy these files from ScanWise 1.4 directory in the ScanWise 2.0 directory.

Then start Scanwise 2.0 and scan your images.

5. Problems and Hints:
  • Usage of Fotolook under Windows XP has not been tested.


  • When you have connected a ZIP-drive or a printer together with the scanner at the parallel port, the scanner does not work properly. After the scanner installation you can reinstall the printer driver and both devices should work at the same parallel port.


  • Use a short cable for scanner connection (< 2 meter)


  • Check the BIOS settings for parallel port: with EPP it should function; ECP and EPP+ECP can cause problems.


  • When the installation fails, first deinstall the scanner and all entries; after that you must begin with whole installation procedure.


  • If you get a comunication error, change the program priority of the scanwise application to high or low (task manager or cmd-prompt: start /HIGH scanwise.exe or start /LOW scanwise.exe). Just try it out.


  • For using hibernate or standby mode you have to stop the service Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and set the startup mode to manual.


  • To avoid the communication error turn the scanner off and then back on again and wait for the scanner to reset before scanning again. Typically this error occurs at the beginning of a windows session, once a full scan has been completed it does not re-occur.


  • Another possibility to avoid communication errors is editing the file cnfgvars.txt in the Scanwise directory. Here you have to cange the timeout values. The %-character is here the comment sign. Remove this character before the parameters und test different values.


  • To solve a communication problem you can change the compatibilty mode of scanwise.exe to  Windows NT or Windows 2000. (scanwise.exe -> right Button -> Properties).